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  • Mirinda
  • FileZilla
  • Clibc
  • Discover general types of errors

    Automatically by static analysis

  • Consulting service

    Provide some kind of recommendation for improving readability, maintainability and supportability of your code

  • Clean-up sources

    Finding non-used variables, unnecessary relationships between classes, files; generate some statistic information, graphs, etc

  • Find project-specific errors

    That can be discovered and prevented automatically (access to history of source control system is required for this)



Let's give an example:

Using strlen in loop's condition usually(in about 95% cases) is an performance issue because length of string is not changed but calculated every time. This issue may be easily discovered by following regular expression:

That means that we are interested in lines where strlen placed after second semicolon. Here is the result of search with this regexp using Google Code Search service (October 2008).

Please note, that there are more than 48,000 potential places with this issue in open source projects scanned by Google.

The Google Code Search is not ideal - it's a good point that we can scan huge amount of open source projects but it's possible to scan only one line per regexp and some interesting things like check consistency of defines, multi line searches are not available. In additional it's difficult to automatically discover contacts of authors or persons who are responsible for bug fixing.